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Southside and Baymeadows


Tree Hill Nature Center

If one of Jacksonville's fastest-growing addresses in recent years is the Southside and Baymeadows area. Tinseltown area has grown rapidly within Southside, providing expansive communities that encompass miles of trendy new developments ranging from condos, apartments, townhomes, gated communities and subdivisions.

Southside is where you'll find the University of North Florida, the South Campus of Florida Community College at Jacksonville (FCCJ) and the First Coast Technology Park. Baymeadows is home to the Avenues Mall, the only two-story mall on the First Coast, FCCJ's Deerwood Campus and the Deerwood Park.

St. Johns Town Center is the newest addition to the Southside. This upscale mall resembling an old fashioned small city features big box retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods and P.F. Chang's China Bistro, as well as smaller retailers such as Apple Computer. Stroll down the main street and grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks or an ice cream cone at Kilwin's. Adjacent to St. Johns Town Center are many new apartment and condo developments.

Southside is also home to some of Jacksonville's largest employers including BlueCross & Blue Shield of Florida and Merrill Lynch (Bank of America Financial Services).

The recently extended 9A corridor now links into Interstates 95 and 295 therefore shortening the drive to almost anywhere from the Southside.

Southside is also the location of one of the first gated golf communities in Jacksonville, Deerwood Country Club, which includes a 285 acre wildlife and wetlands preserve.





$ 150,000 TO $ 250,000

$150,000 TO 250,000

$260,000 TO 350,000

$260,000 TO 350,000

$360,000 TO $ 450,000

$ 360,000 TO $ 450,000

$460,000 TO $550,000

$460,000 TO $550,000

$ 560,000 TO $ 650,000

$ 560,000 TO $ 650,000

$ 660,000 TO 750,000

$660,000 TO  $ 750,000

$760,000 TO $ 850,000

$760,000 TO $ 850,000


$ 860,000 TO $ 950,000 

$ 860,000 TO $950,000

$ 960,000 TO 1,250,000

$ 960,000 TO 1,250,000 

$ 1,260,000 TO $ 2,250,000